3 Apr 2014

On the magazine internship crackdowns & a response to Coyne

If you are reading this you probably know that last week the Ontario Ministry of Labour has cracked down on internships in the magazine industry (more here). I have been doing a lot of interviews on the
27 Mar 2014

Ontario Ministry of Labour Cracks Down On Unpaid Internships at Two Canadian Magazines

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has begun a crack down on unpaid internships in magazines, beginning with two high-profile Canadian publications – the Walrus and Toronto Life. Following numerous complaints about unfair labour practices and resultantly a
27 Mar 2014

MP Scott Brison stands up for interns in House of Commons

Member of Parliament Scott Brison stood up for unpaid interns in the House of Commons on Tuesday. During Question Period, he asked the following: Mr. Speaker, there are 265,000 fewer jobs for young Canadians than before the
24 Mar 2014

We are fighting Bell Media and need your help

Have you done an internship with Bell Media? Do you know someone who has? We are calling on all former and present Bell interns to e-mail us at info@internassociation.ca. You can ask to remain anonymous or tell us
19 Mar 2014

Panel Discussion at Wilfred Laurier University

Yesterday I participated in a panel discussion at Wilfred Laurier University entitled: Getting a Foot in the Door? Debating Unpaid Internships. I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Greig de Peuter for organizing this
6 Mar 2014

Nextopia advertises paid internships

We’ve got a change of tone this morning with an always happy Wall of Fame post, after stumbling upon three paid full-time internships at Nextopia, an ecommerce company based in Toronto. The company is accepting applications from
4 Mar 2014

Les entrevues avec Radio-Canada

Certains de nos représentants ont fait des entrevues avec Radio-Canada à travers le pays au cours des derniers jours! Vous pouvez les trouver ici: Radio-Canada Moncton : Radio-Canada Acadie : Stages non rémunérés : de plus en plus d’étudiants dénoncent
4 Mar 2014

MPP Jonah Schein introduces Private Members Bill

Ontario MPP Jonah Schein is at Queen’s Park today at a press conference introducing his Private Members Bill on internships. Also in attendance is employment lawyer Andrew Langille and Canadian Intern Association Executive Team member Kyle Iannuzzi.
3 Mar 2014

UVic Masters Students Research Unpaid Internships

Isabelle Couture and James Attfield approached the Canadian Intern Association in March 2013 with an idea: to research and write their masters thesis on unpaid internships. Couture and Attfield are both University of Victoria students in the Master’s of
28 Feb 2014

10 internship advertisements from Rugby Canada

Attention rugby-lovers! We have got Rugby Canada on our Wall of Shame after they posted advertisements for TEN internships in Langford, British Columbia and Richmond Hill, Ontario. For all of these positions the compensation is listed as